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We refer to How About We dating website and the business partner is Match, of course.

This is probably one of the most powerful dating website nowadays.

Dating via your mobile is the nicest decision nowadays however its technical future is not so shiny and merry as it seemed from the start.

Mobile apps user can be definitely a victim for hackers to “offer” his data be stolen easily (we do not mention i OS).

It is based on using the most powerful dating websites and famous mobile applications.

People became free to start talking, free to get acquainted, easy to start realtionship.Still many dating agencies are not able to provide their members with proper security.Referring to the analysis of IBM Security that checked the most famous dating apps on Android platforms, they discovered about 60% of them being dangerous for hacker attacts.However, representatives of Are You Human underline that amount of bots increase day after day and there is no big resul of putting all forces on fight with them, instead they develop the sytem that recognize a person, human behaviour and activity through many websites.After this long and effective work this user is to be added to the Whitelist as they said.

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