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William Berkeley, 52, of Horsham, West Sussex, joined the scam near its conclusion and was sent to prison for four years.

The group were convicted by a jury at Blackfriars Crown Court of conspiring to defraud investors by making false representations.

Four precious metals investment scammers have been jailed for a total of 29 years after duping hundreds of customers out of £7.75million in savings and pensions in exchange for 'worthless barrels of junk'.

Using a misleading website and inaccurate glossy brochure they either cold-called victims with scripted patter or placed adverts offering the opportunity to purchase supposedly lucrative metals vital to 80 per cent of the world's industry.

Judge Rajeev Shetty said today: 'All the buyers have ended up with worthless barrels of junk, either gathering dust or have long since been disposed of.

The loss to them has been total, no one has made one pound back.'The jury found this was all a scam, a ruthless vehicle designed to rip-off people of their savings and pension pots to make you all wealthy.'Making as much money as possible was the name of the game and that game is now up.'Investors were wooed with promises of returns on investments in Rare Earth Metals and Rare Earth Elements, which were vital in engineering and manufacturing.

The jury heard £5.6million ended up in a Cypriot bank account controlled by Sabin and Ridpath.

Sabin and Ridpath have been disqualified from running a company for 15 years; Start ten years and Berkeley six years.

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The court heard father-of-three Sabin and father-of-two Ridpath founded the company in the Seychelles on February 23, 2013 and quickly gave it the trappings of a successful business.

They had previously been disqualified as company directors, with Sabin running a suspicious fine art investment company and Ridpath a discredited champagne investment firm.

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